Social Impact

It’s always been about more than furniture for us

It’s the kids

Redirected Wood Company started as a fundraiser to help us give a safe loving home to a child who needed it. That dream still drives us today. Since that first child we have had 6 precious kids under our care. Some have been short term, while others we hope will be able to stay with us forever. Foster Care is full of uncertainties and you just never know.

Because the space in our house and our own capacity is limited we’ve partnered up with other groups and organizations to help care for kids in need of a safe loving place to call home. 

About us

This year we’re excited about a new partnership with Marvin’s Home. Marvin’s Home is a non-profit that provides furniture and home set up for kids who are aging out of foster care. Many times these kids have little to nothing to start their life with and Marvin’s Home helps to ensure that at the very least they have a nice space to call home and feel comfortable in. Our plan is to provide a table for every home that Marvin’s home works in this year. This table style will be for sale in our shop and proceeds will go towards supporting Marvin’s home in their work. 

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