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Live edge walnut
Live Edge Sycamore Bookmatch Table
Live Edge English Walnut Table
Live Edge English Walnut

English Walnut

This slab has a medium brown and caramel color throughout. English Walnut slabs this large are fairly rare. This one is roughly 138″ long and 30″ wide. It would make a great long thin table, bar top, or desk with double waterfall legs. 

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Black Walnut Set

This set of Black Walnut slabs are large enough to make a single thing table out of each, or they could be bookmatched to make a table nearly 9 feet long by 5 feet wide. Each slab is roughly 105″ long and 30″ wide. Black Walnut has a beautiful dark grain that when finished has tones of brown, red an purple. 

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Figured Maple

Figured Maple Set

These maple slabs are highly figured throughout. Maple is a lighter species of wood and has a beautiful golden yellow color with finished. At 149″ long and 32-39″ these could each be used as a single table or joined together for a gorgeous book matched table. This would be a statement piece is a dining or conference table. 

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This big beautiful Sycamore slab would make a great dining table or bar top. Sycamore is known for its yellow to red coloration and beautiful quarter sawn grain pattern. This slab is roughly 130″ long and 34″ wide.

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