Tyler G.


Tyler has been with us almost since the beginning. He’s got a construction background from working with his dad who is a general contractor. Over the past 4+ years Tyler has developed into an excellent craftsman and takes the lead on milling lumber and glueing up most of our projects. 

Tyler M.


Tyler joined our team on a part time basis in 2020 and went full time in 2021. He has quickly developed into a skilled craftsman and helps guide the production process on the shop floor. 


Admin | Online Sales

Brittany primarily carries out our mission of providing a safe loving family to vulnerable kids. The kids currently in our care have special medical needs and managing their appointment is beyond a full time job. Brittany still finds time to help us out on the administrative side and even throws finish on some tables every now and then. 



Meek casts the vision and guides the overall direction of the company. He’s grateful to be blessed with such a great team that has taken on more of the production load. Meek still helps with production, but the most of the time he’s the one responding to inquiries, planning projects and making sure everything keeps moving forward.