Custom Cabinets

Solid Wood Stand Alone Cabinetry

Custom Walnut Vanity

Custom Cabinets

We build custom cabinets that are stained wood grain and stand alone. We can work with your contractor or installer for smaller scale built cabinets like vanities. We build custom buffet cabinets to go along with our tables, custom record cabinets, custom bookcases, custom dressers and night stands and more. Fill out a contact form to let us know what you have in mind for a project. 

Custom buffet and wine rack
Custom Buffet cabinet with barn doors
White Oak Buffet Cabinet

Buffet Cabinets

Add a custom Buffet or Sideboard to your table order! We can build custom buffet cabinets to match your new table, or to fit in your existing space. We can customize the drawer and door layout to make the custom cabinet highly functional in your space. 

Custom record cabinet
Oak Record Cabinet
Oak Media console
Custom Walnut Record Cabinet

Custom Media Cabinets

We build custom media cabinets and record cabinets. We can customize a cabinet with doors, drawers and all the wire passthroughs you need to give you a clean look and all the functionality your devices need. We record cabinets that can hold your records as well as a record player, speakers and more. 

Walnut floating vanity
Custom Walnut Vanity
Custom Oak Vanity

Custom Vanities

We build custom vanity cabinets in a variety of style for bathrooms and powder rooms. We can build your vanity with a wood top or have it ready to accept a stone top. We’ve made floating vanities, live edge vanities, double vanities and more. 

Custom Dresser and nightstands
Custom Oak Dresser
Dovetail Drawers
White Oak Dresser

Dressers and Night Stands

We build custom dressers and nightstands with solid wood and high quality drawer slides. We use dovetail drawers made from solid wood and available in maple, walnut or white oak. We can build custom dressers and night stands in various styles and even incorporate power grommets and chargers. 

Let us know as much detail as you can about your project here to get started.